GOP Senator Jeff Flake Releases New Book, Trump Supporters Outraged by What’s Inside It

GOP Senator Jeff Flake Releases New Book, Trump Supporters Outraged by What's Inside It
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Jeff Flake is one of those “conservatives” who doesn’t understand the rise of Trump.

That puts him at odds with the Republican Party who elected Trump president.

Yeah, Flake may have some nice conservative credentials on his resume but ultimately if you aren’t willing to back the agenda of the guy leading your party then what are you doing in the party?

Now Flake has a new book out and it looks like he thought that was a cool way to bash the president.

From BizPac Review:

Flake’s new book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” calls for Congress to put an end to Trump’s agenda and criticizes the GOP for causing political discourse in the country, calling some of Trump’s decisions “morally repugnant” and “un-American.” In fact, Flake wants his entire party to follow a completely different political path.

One of the issues Flake highlights in his new book is immigration, specifically Trump’s travel ban, which the senator continues referring to as a “Muslim ban.” Flake wants to give nearly all illegal immigrants a path to legal status, and would like to increase the number of newcomers America takes in every year.

“In December 2015, Donald Trump called for a ban on all Muslims from entering the United States. I found the act to be so morally repugnant and un-American that I issued a statement on Twitter: ‘Just when you think @realDonaldTrump can stoop no lower, he does,’” Flake wrote, “then my family and I attended afternoon prayers at the Islamic Center of the North East Valley, in Scottsdale, to let the congregation know that most Americans were not given to such intolerance.”

Get out of here guy.

If there is one area where Trump is absolutely right it’s immigration.

Flake is one of those guys who thinks he’s smarter than everyone when ultimately he’s the guy who is clueless.

Look, if you are a Republican who doesn’t like Trump that’s fine. Whatever.

But to write a book criticizing the leader of your party and the leader of your country is just low brow.

It’s also a good way to lose your job.

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