FAKE SCIENCE! Interview with the author; Austin Ruse

FAKE SCIENCE! Interview with the author; Austin Ruse
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A tweet from @iowahawkblog describing the modus operandi of leftism thusly:

  1. Identify a respected institution.
  2. Kill it.
  3. Gut it.
  4. Wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect.

This process has been consistent in corrupting once respected institutions, which has manifested itself in the production of Fake News, Fake Degrees, the False Gospel of Climate Change and most recently…Fake Science.

My guest on the show this week is Austin Ruse.  He has written an entire book about the ways that science has been perverted and subverted in order to bend the knee to the ominous intentions of those who would be our betters.   Watch my chat with the author HERE:

First off, Fake Science is excellent.  I didn’t assume I would learn much from this book since I am already quite familiar with the effort to co-opt science as a weapon of political warfare…but I am now considering doing a video on each chapter of the book.  It should be required reading.

Check out my chat this week with Austin and leave an honest review to counter some of the trolls admitting they haven’t read the book while pillorying him in the Amazon reviews.  You can purchase your copy here.



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